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The time has finally come to tackle our laundry room. To say I am excited is an understatement! We have just begun planning what we want to do in this space. We know we certainly want to keep it budget friendly, rustic, and lighten the space up. Pretty much our plans for every room in our home!

Our laundry room is directly across from our guest bathroom that we just gave a budget friendly makeover too (post here). I want the design of these two rooms to flow seamlessly thus keeping with a rustic, bright, and light feel. It is a good space, however it is narrow. There is one window and a sink with vanity, which are great features that are expensive to add, so we are starting with good bones! We use this sink for all of our DIY projects, and especially for cleaning paintbrushes. I gel stained the cabinets (DIY here) and added hardware, a few years ago, to update the old builder grade maple, but now we are ready to update that whole console. This is the biggest cost we are looking at, a new sink and vanity. Next up is the flourescent light. It has got to go. It completely dates this space and gives me a headache every time I enter the laundry room (or it may be from the piles of laundry…). I came across this awesome tutorial from Young House Love on “How to Replace a Fluorescent Light with a Pendant” so we may try to do it ourselves!

Then onto the walls and floor. We are thinking a light gray paint for the walls (surprise, surprise!), mixed with a fun wall treatment, and keep the floors. There linoleum and of course we don’t like them, but it’s just not in the budget to replace the floors. Like I mentioned it’s a narrow space, so really you don’t see much of the floor anyways! I plan to cover it with a fun rug (like the adorable one below!). Currently, we have one long shelf, that I threw some mismatched baskets up on when we first moved in. I plan to add cohesive baskets, and add another row of shelves below this one. I love the idea of open shelving in the laundry room! Lastly, we plan to build a “table” for over the washer and dryer, for more work space. I am most excited for this. Glass jars, some faux IKEA plants, and a few rustic decor touches and that should be a wrap!

Now let’s take a peak at this hot mess express of a laundry room in its current “before” state! My biggest complaint with this space is that it isn’t as functional as I know it can be! If you’ve been following for a while you remember we turned our coat closet into a mudroom (post here) to free up some much needed space in our laundry room. It has made such a difference, but now it is time to really tackle this room and give it the love it deserves! It has been so fun coming up with ideas for this little room, that I spend a lot of time in. I can’t wait to make it something special! Until we get this all together, I wanted to share some rustic decor inspiration for your laundry room.

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As you can see from the “before” pictures above, we currently have this drying rack. We received it as a wedding gift, and it is amazing! That is one item that will be hung right back up! Our dogs’ food container needs a little update, considering it is in prime locate in this room. I love this one! On our last IKEA trip, I grabbed those baskets, glass jars, and white pitchers. I love the classic, clean, and functional look of these guys. I am really leaning towards this beautiful tin tile from above the washer and dryer and then keeping the rest of the room really clean and crisp. Which are your favorites? Do these beauties make you want to update your laundry room or what? Hope you had a wonderful weekend! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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