Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration

So…the time has come for some more inspiration for the next room in our house to be conquered! If you have been following the blog, you probably have been noticing a trend by now. We chip away one room at a time to give our builder grade house character (most of the time, unless I get impatient and start one project before the other is done). It’s been a slow process but with two small kiddos, work, and life it’s been the best way for us! Next on the roster is our guest bedroom!

When we first moved in, it was one of the first rooms we painted because it was a hideous color of green. I added some decor and furniture that I already had (and weren’t my favorites), and called it a day. You’re not going to believe this but we have my husband’s furniture from his room growing up in this room! Yup…time for an update wouldn’t you say? I don’t see us parting ways with it entirely because it has been a part of my husband’s life for so long. But that is what chalk paint is for right?!

We don’t want to invest too much into this room, but still want to give it some much-needed updates. My plans (as of now) are to lighten up the room with some white paint, possibly add a feature wall (board and batten or shiplap), add a rug, and change out the bedding. These changes should come in pretty budget friendly, and hopefully not take to long to make happen!

I have been day dreaming about farmhouse bedrooms for what seems like forever. I am admittedly, overly excited to get my hands on our guest bedroom and give it a rustic farmhouse vibe. It’s not hard to find inspiration for this look with all the beautiful farmhouse bedrooms from super talented bloggers and Fixer Upper. So I wanted to share some amazingly cozy bedrooms that have really gotten my creative juices flowing!

via Lauren McBride Blog

via Liz Marie Blog

via Bless’er House

via MisDIY

via Fixer Upper

via Lynzy & Co

via Love Grows Wild

via An Inspired Nest

via Our Vintage Nest

via Twelve on Main

What I love most about doing these “inspiration round-ups”, is it really shows me common themes that I want to incorporate into my space. The 6 elements I noticed trending in all these bedrooms are:

  1. Light bedding – (post here with all my favorites!)
  2. Iron bedframes
  3. Natural wood – featured all differently: trays, night stands, beams, chests.
  4. Wall treatments and neutral walls
  5. Mismatched furniture – in the best way possible!
  6. Statement Rugs – many of these went very neutral with wall colors, bedding, and decor and then introduced color with a fun rug.

How perfectly simple yet incredible personalized and unique are each and every one of these rooms?! Each one has the perfect amount of farmhouse elements yet refinement. I hope these bedrooms have brought you tons of inspiration too. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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