Budget Friendly Rustic Bathroom Makeover

Hi guys! Sorry I have been MIA this week, I will be sharing all the details on why that was soon. But we sure do have a lot of catching up to do! So lets get right down to business today and take a look at the low budget makeover that has taken place in our guest bathroom. And honestly this is all very feasible to accomplish in one weekend! Although, we didn’t because it was project #16,789 that we have been working on lately (kidding…kind of).

I shared a sneak peek of the bathroom as a work in progress not too long ago, and showed you how we removed the builder grade mirror (post here) and some of the other decor changes we made. Last time I left you guys all that was left to do in the bathroom was to add beadboard where the old medicine cabinet used to be. It was very simple to do and ties in all the elements of the bathroom. We finished up the makeover with a few rustic decor touches and it was all set for our guests on Easter!

Like I mentioned before this bathroom is tiny and dark (bare with me with the pictures because of this)! It’s the only bathroom downstairs, so gets frequented a lot and is the bathroom our overnight guests use as well. I really wanted to lighten it up and add some rustic touches to match the rest of our home. I gel stained the cabinets a long time ago, but plan on lightening them up or replacing the whole vanity at some point. But for now the bathroom looks so much better while keeping it super budget friendly. All together we spent under $200, including lighting, paint, supplies, and decor!

The beadboard is definitely our favorite addition! It instantly lightened up the small space and gives it character. We are completely addicted to adding beadboard now after the entryway and now the bathroom. It really is so easy and gives such a beautiful look to any room in your home. 

I have been looking for a lighter shower curtain for months, and on a whim ordered this one during one of Pottery Barn’s sales. I had been eyeing it for a while and didn’t know if it would be too blue. But I love the contrast of the white curtain with the blue medallions. It matches perfectly with the paint which was a plus considering we didn’t want to change the paint color right now! I had fallen in love with this botanical print from Decor Steals months ago but didn’t know exactly where I would put it. We tried it here and love the warm tones it adds the room, it’s especially perfect for Spring. Lastly, I used an old vintage sugar mold to hold some faux flowers from IKEA and galvanized candle.

I tried everything, including standing in the sink to try to get a better picture of this wall for you guys! But this will have to do. I knew I wanted to have a shelf here above the beadboard for some rustic decor to personalize the space. How beautiful is this chippy, corbel shelf? These jars with rolled towels and soaps for guest are not only practical but also adorable. I fell in love with this wood wall art instantly and for $11 it was hard to not buy a few more as gifts. And of course some fresh flowers for Spring!  These are the trickiest pictures to get with how dark and small the bathroom is, but I think you can get a feel for it. The new mirror, light, and beadboard cubby make such a huge difference. I went over all the details on how we replaced the mirror here, so I won’t bore you with that again! For the beadboard cubby where the medicine cabinet used to be we simple cut beadboard to fit in the old space. Then caulked it, added trim, and put on two fresh coats of Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It was that simple! But if you would like more details on it just let me know and I’d be happy to share.

And just for fun lets take a look at it before. You can see we didn’t make any huge renovation changes, thus keeping it very budget friendly. It feels so much lighter in here now, and really flows well with the rest of our home. 

Big difference right? One last time the changes we made: updated shower curtain, DIY beadboard, fresh decor, round mirror, school house vanity light, and beadboard cubby where medicine cabinet used to be. I love that we were able to give this bathroom a makeover without putting too much money into it!   As always thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Gel Stained Cabinets// DIY (Tutorial here)
Beadboard// DIY (Tutorial here for entryway, we followed the exact same technique)
Shower Curtain// Pottery Barn
Art, shelf, soap container// Decor Steals
Ceramic pots, glass jars, herb pot// HomeGoods
Wood Wall Plaque// Hobby Lobby (on sale for $11)
Mirror// Hobby Lobby
Light// Wayfair (with coupon it cost me $56.oo!)
Plants// IKEA
Wall Paint// Behr Dolphin Fin
Beadboard Paint// Sherwin Williams Alabaster

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